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Browser compatibility
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ShowX is almost entirely based on ASP.NET Server Side code. Hence, most of the code should run smoothly on those browsers compatible with ASP.NET. The most remarkable exception is the Calendar control, which uses the jsCalendar javascript control from dynarch.com (BTW, excellent control!). To register and to use this control, some javascript code is generated by ShowX when the page is requested. Currently, this javascript code is only tested with IE 5+. It shouldn't be a problem with others browsers, but I cannot assure it.

Furthermore, I'm planning to integrate FCKEditor to ShowX, so I'll have to take into account FCKEditor's compatibility issues too (even it looks like a very nice and compatible piece of code).

So if you use ShowX into your solution and run into problems with the generated code for a specific browser, I would appreciate you let me know. Please, specify in your report:

  • Browser version.
  • ShowX version.
  • Brief description of the problem.

Furthermore, it could be great if you send a small application that isolates the problem. You can email this report to me or post it on the ShowX developer's list.

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