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ShowX library Current Release: Cherokee

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Source code coments are the only information available rigth now.
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Code coverage
Code coverage is done in terms of Clover.NET. Thanks for support us!
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Unit Test
Unit Testing is done via NUnit. There's a nunit2report output of Test Fixture execution.
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ShowX should be compatible with most browsers, but this compatibility should be stressed. Rigth now it is functionally tested in IE 5.5+.
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Latest news

Finally, ShowX Cherokee released!   

After some time working offline, I release the Cherokee version of ShowX. ShowX Cherokee (version 0.4.0) fixes several bugs, and introduces a lot of new features, like log4net logging capabilities, code coverage and automated testing modules. Check the ChangeLog for details. As usual, a new release of the ShowX Web Samples is delivered altogether.

First announcement of SX Web Blocks   

And also, I'm very happy to announce that I hope to deliver the initial release of the ShowX Web Blocks next September. SX Web Blocks is a collection of high level web components build on top of ShowX and NHibernate. In the first release, I will include a briefcase and a FAQs web component.

What's ShowX?

ShowX is aimed to free programmers from many repetitive programming tasks when interacting with Presentation Layer on a certain application. By providing a set of Custom controls, you can map object properties to the graphical interface, with minor effort and a lot of time-saving. ShowX is developed for and under the .NET framework. You can associate presentation layer information to classes by using custom class attributes or XML mapping files. There's two big branches to develop, a Web based set of controls, and a Window forms set of equivalent controls.

Goals and state of art

ShowX is in a very early development stage. Actually, only a part of Web support is done. Work progress towards implementation of a fully workable set of Web Controls and to implement Windows Form equivalents. To see project details, click here. If you have questions, suggestion or want to collaborate with this prokect, send me an email or post a message on the ShowX developer's list.

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