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ShowX library Current Release: Cherokee

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Source code coments are the only information available rigth now.
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Code coverage
Code coverage is done in terms of Clover.NET. Thanks for support us!
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Unit Test
Unit Testing is done via NUnit. There's a nunit2report output of Test Fixture execution.
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ShowX should be compatible with most browsers, but this compatibility should be stressed. Rigth now it is functionally tested in IE 5.5+.
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There's a long way to go before releasing version 1.0.0 of ShowX. Main targets of version 1.0.0 include full Web Mapping support, internationalization, full support of Views, a better modularization of embedded resources, and a long etcetera. The following general, dateless schedule presents the roadmap of ShowX, starting on release 0.4.0 onwards.

Release: Cherokee Version 0.4.0
Release Cherokee includes:
  • Read-only capabilities for the ShowX.Web.WebControls.DataGrid control.
  • Support for views (Xml mapping mode).
  • Support for reading configuration from an independent config file.
  • Clover.NET code coverage, nunit2report reporting.
  • log4net support.
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Release: Farsi Version 0.5.0
Release Farsi will include:
  • FCKEditor integration (throughout item-style attribute).
  • Internationalization.
Release: Greek Version 0.6.0
Release Greek will include:
  • Configuration of jsCalendar and FCKEditor from ShowX config files.
  • Customization of ShowX.Web.WebControls.AdminElement caption positions.
  • Full support of the ShowX.Web.WebControls.AdminElement query mode.
Release: Magyar Version 0.7.0
Release Magyar will include:
  • Treatment for dynamic identifiers fields (for transient objects better usage).
  • Full support of ShowX.Web.WebControls.ProgressBar, as an independent Web Control.
  • Better modularization of embedded resources.
  • Synchronize Attribute Mapping Model with Xml Mapping Model.

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